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The company

Destins Croisés

The creations of Destins Croisés explore the crossbreeding of genres, individualities, and hybrid physicalities, to reach the very essence of the dancing body, in a will to break all social, cultural, and artistic borders and create with what differentiates. Identity and otherness are recurrent themes, translating a pronounced taste for composing with individuals whose identity has been forged by their cultural, social and artistic background. In his universe, each person, each art form, each approach has its place. 

Ismaël Mouaraki

Choreographer and dancer

Since 2003, Ismaël Mouaraki has been pursuing his work within the company Destins Croisés, of which he is the founder.  His choreographic creation reflects his obsessions as the common thread of the work of a lifetime: to embody the infinite facets of humanity.

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